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Where To Find The Little Chrysalids In Elden Ring

On your way up to the Storm Castle, you will run into a lone woman who asks you to deliver a message to the little chrysalids. Check out this guide to find out where to find the little chrysalids in Elden Ring. This way you can get that quest done and she will move to the Roundtable Hold for you.

Where To Find The Little Chrysalids In Elden Ring

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In order to find the Little Chrysalids you will need to get to the Rampart Tower site of grace in the castle. This part sucks because the birds toss barrel bombs at you like this Donkey Kong or something. You need to get past them and then go down the ladder past the bell tower.

Kill or run past the enemies below and enter back into the castle. There will be some more bad guys inside, but they should be sitting down relaxing if a horn hasn’t been called. Go inside to the fire and take the steps near there. This will lead to another room with a door on the other side. Take that door and you should be outside with a giant corpse hanging to your left. The item is down below in the bodies.

You need to drop down and ideally land and kill one of the dogs. Either way you need to take out the dogs so they don’t overwhelm you and grab the item. When you have the item you can keep exploring or return to the woman in the shack.

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