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Where To Find The Lonely Island In Lost Ark

If you want to trade in your Island Tokens, you need to visit Opher, the Lonely Island. This guide on Where To Find The Lonely Island In Lost Ark will tell you exactly where you can find the island and how trading your Island Tokens for rewards actually works.

Island Tokens work very much in the same way as Mokoko Seeds. Each Island that you visit has a quest, objective, or an event associated with it. Some of the islands guarantee an Island Token once these events have been completed but for others, it’s part of a random item pool, so it’s not always guaranteed you will get an Island Token. Once you have at least 5, visit Opher, the Lonely Island to claim rewards. Like Mokoko Seeds, you get rewards based on the total amount of Island Tokens you have found, the individual ones don’t really matter.

Where To Find The Lonely Island In Lost Ark

Where To Find The Lonely Island In Lost Ark
You can find the Lonely Island just North West off the shore of Pleccia. It’s South West of Arthetine and East of North Vern. It’s a small island but it’s easy to find once you’re in the area. Once you reach the island all you need to do is speak with the quest NPC and then you will be able to trade in your Island Tokens at the statue.

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