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Where To Find The Market Key In Honkai Star Rail

In Rivet Town on Jarilo VI, there is a locked gate that requires a Market Key to open. This guide on Where To Find The Market Key In Honkai Star Rail will tell you everything you need to know to track down the Market Key so you can find it, obtain it, and use it to open the gate to defeat the enemies beyond and claim another treasure chest.

Jarilo VI is the first planet you get to explore in Honkai Star Rail, and it’s quite a big one. Before you even visit Rivet Town you’ll be exploring Jarilo VI for a few hours. Eventually you meet an interesting character named Hook, she is the leader of The Adventurous Moles, a group of kids that like to explore and play games in Jarilo VI.


Where To Find The Market Key In Honkai Star Rail

Eventually, you will reach the Rivet Town area. In Rivet Town there is a gate, marked by a red line on the map, that is locked. When you approach the locking mechanism for the gate, it tells you that it requires the Market Key in order to unlock it. You need to follow Hook and her friends on their journey to obtain the Market Key.

Keep following the side quest chain for Hook, this involves a lot of quests finding thieves and other things. Eventually, toward the end of the quest chain, you’ll receive a The Key To Somewhere. You will then have another quest appear on your journal to speak with Julian. Follow that quest to speak with Julian and give him the key. He will then tell you that it’s used on a gate in Rivet Town.

You then get the Market Key and can use it to open the gate.

  • The Market Key is a unique item that is used to unlock a gate in the Rivet Town area of Jarilo VI
  • You need to follow the quest chain for Hook and The Adventurous Moles, eventually culminating in a quest that gives you a Key To Somewhere
  • Deliver the Key to Somewhere to Julian and in exchange they will tell you what the key is for
  • You then get given the Market Key and can use it to open the market
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