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Where To Find The Metal Detector In GTA Online

A new update launched for GTA Online today and with it, buried stashes. This guide on Where To Find The Metal Detector In GTA Online will tell you the quickest way to track down the random event so you can find the dead body, loot the Metal Detector, and then begin searching the island for buried treasure.

We did this in a public lobby. With the recent update to GTA Online it’s very likely it works in a private lobby, but we discovered it when playing in a traditional lobby with other players. It’s important to note that you can see the blue dot on the radar from the air. The blue dot is the icon that represents a random event. Simply fly around until you see the blue dot, check the route below for example.

Where To Find The Metal Detector In GTA Online

Map Showing Where To Find Metal Detector

The white line around the beaches is the route you should take. Jump in a helicopter. If you don’t have one, call Merryweather, request one, then shoot the pilot and take their helicopter. Follow the route along the beaches staying at a relatively low altitude. Then you just check the map for a blue dot. We’ve had several editors find the location using this method.

Rockstar Games love to add a lot of randomness to these procedures so if it’s still not found using this method, just expand your search over the entire map. It seems daunting but it’s not that huge from the air. Simply stay low enough for it to appear and search all nearby bodies of water.

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