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Where To Find The Mysterious Will O Wisp In Pokemon Legends Arceus

One of the requests you get in Pokemon Arceus has you tracking down a Will O Wisp. Check out this guide to find out where to find the Mysterious Will O Wisp in Pokemon Arceus. This way you aren’t looking all over the map for this single entity.

Where To Find The Mysterious Will O Wisp In Pokemon Arceus

After you get the quest you will want to head out to the Obsidian Fieldlands. Go to the Heights Camp and you can start your search around there. I did this at night, but I am not sure if it has to be done at night or not.

Chimchar Location

Right outside of the camp you can find some trees. Head here on the map and you will get a prompt to investigate one of the trees near there. When you do this, a Chimchar will jump down and start to fight with you. Remember that you need to catch the Pokemon to turn it in for the quest. Use something like sleep, or just weaken it to make sure you can catch it easier.

After you catch the Chimchar, you can head back to the quest giver and turn it in. She will be happy and you will get some extra items. If you kill the Chimchar, search some other trees in the area or respawn.

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