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Where To Find The Phantasmal Seeds In Genshin Impact (Trial of the Phantasmal Gate Guide)

There is a new trial called the Trial of the Phantasmal Gate where you need to locate a number of phantasmal seeds. This guide on Where To Find The Phantasmal Seeds In Genshin Impact will walk you through the process of finding all 15 particles that you must collect within the time limit.

When you start this trial you have 90 seconds to find all of the phantasmal seeds. If you fail, you will lose all of the particles you’ve collected and will need to start again. It’s not a big problem if you fail, you can simply retry, but if you’re struggling to find them, use the video guide below to show you how to find all of the particles in one attempt. You do get additional time when you pick up each of the particles so as long as you don’t get lost or turned around, you should be fine.

Where To Find The Phantasmal Seeds In Genshin Impact

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It’s worth noting that you want to avoid combat if you can. If you get hit you lose about 30 seconds of time. So it’s easier just to ignore all of the enemies as you’re running through. Simply follow the path we take in the video above and make sure, once you reach the end, that you turn the particles in. This completes the trial and unlocks a chest you can open for your rewards.

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