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Where To Find The Pokemon With Three Leaves On Its Head In Pokemon Legends Arceus

A requests tasks you with catching a Petilil. This guide on Where To Find The Pokemon With Three Leaves On Its Head In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you how you can track down this Pokemon so you can complete the Request and receive your rewards.

Request #29 – The Search For Bitter Leaves has an NPC ask you to bring back a Pokemon with three leaves on its head. While many Pokemon come close to fitting this description, there’s only one with three actual leaves on its head, Petilil. The game tells you that the Pokemon can be found in the Crimson Mirelands, but it doesn’t give you anymore information than that. We’ve found it and will tell you exactly where it’s at.

Where To Find The Pokemon With Three Leaves On Its Head

Where To Find The Pokemon With Three Leaves On Its Head In Pokemon Legends Arceus
You need to head to t he Crimson Mirelands. When I found Petilil it was raining weather and dusk, it’s likely available at other times but these time and weather it’s a guaranteed spawn. There are at least 4-5 Petilil in the area and they are not hard to catch. A simple Pokeball with a surprise hit is enough to capture them nearly every time.

Simply approach from behind and throw a ball in the back of the Pokemon to get the surprise bonus. Then all you have to do is return to the village and hand in the Pokemon to complete the quest.

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