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Where To Find The Public Execution Event In The Division 2

For one of the Projects in The Division 2, you have to stop a Public Execution. If you don’t know where to find these events, you will have a hard time beating that project. Check out this guide to find out where to find the Public Execution Event in The Division 2.

Where To Find The Public Execution Event In The Division 2

This event is very easy to miss just because of the way the game goes. To find the Public Execution event you will have to go to the White House are on the map. There should be some question marks on the map, for me they where in the south part of the area.

Public Execution The Division 2

I found two of them down here back to back, so if you mess one up you will have more than one chance. You don’t have to save both of the hostages but at least one needs to survive for you to get credit. If you get close enough for the event to pop up, go in and start to avoid losing hostages. These events respawn periodically so if you miss both, check back later.


After finding the first execution, they started spawning in other areas of the map as well. They can be any of the question marks on the map.

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