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Where To Find The Raid Bulletin Board In Lost Ark

A Roster Quest to defeat Ur’nil asks you to find the board in the city. This guide on Where To Find The Raid Bulletin Board In Lost Ark will tell you the exact location of the Raid Bulletin Board as although it was introduced in the story earlier, it’s easy to forget and it’s not featured on the map.

Technically, the location of the Raid Bulletin Board is shown on the map but it is called the Guardian Raid board. This is a very important board as it allows you to take on Guardian battles. Each guardian is unique in the challenges they offer but they provide some of the best rewards for progression. The Guardian Raid’s are limited daily, so it’s a very good idea to get access to this feature as soon as possible and start completing them daily.

Where To Find The Raid Bulletin Board In Lost Ark

Where To Find The Raid Bulletin Board In Lost Ark
You can find the Raid Bulletin Board here, in North Vern. In the North side of the city, in the Military District, there are a number of end-game elements such as Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. To complete this particular Roster Quest you need to approach, and interact with, the Guardian Raid board and then complete the first raid.

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