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Where To Find The Red 9 Pistol In Resident Evil 4 Remake

Finding more powerful weapons is key to surviving Resident Evil 4 Remake. In this guide on Where To Find The Red 9 Pistol In Resident Evil 4 Remake we tell you exactly where you need to go and what you need to do to unlock a powerful new pistol called the Red 9.

The Red 9 is described as “A powerful handgun. A large red “9” is burned into the grip to prevent the user from loading the incorrect ammo”. It starts with a base Power rating of 1.50, an ammo capacity of 8, reload speed of 0.85, rate of fire of 0.90, and a precision rating of 3.00.

Where To Find The Red 9 Pistol In Resident Evil 4 Remake

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Before you are able to track down the location of the Red 9, you need to follow the story until you reach a specific point. A few hours into the game you will reach the lake and you will gain access to a boat, the boat allows you to explore the lake and reach new areas so you can progress with the story.

In the very center of the lake you will find the beached remains of another boat. Search the boat and you will find a large chest. You can find the Red 9 inside that chest. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the Red 9 is compatible with the Laser Sight, but there is a Red 9 stock you can find later in the game that improves the weapon. We’ll let you know once we find it.

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