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Where To Find The Room Of Requirement In Hogwarts Legacy

The Room of Requirement is one of the best parts of the entire game. This guide on Where To Find The Room Of Requirement In Hogwarts Legacy tells you where to find this unique room as you can use it to identify magical items, and you can also decorate it freely with tons of useful items and decorations.

The Room of Requirement acts as your own personal room in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s a huge area, multiple rooms actually, that can be decorated and changed in many different ways. You can customize furniture, setup crafting stations, identify items, and more.

Where To Find The Room Of Requirement In Hogwarts Legacy

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It does take some time before you’re able to unlock the Room of Requirement, about 6-10 hours depending on your play style and difficulty. Follow the main story and you will get a message from Professor Weasly about finding the Room of Requirement. It’s a very simple quest, just follow the objective markers, and it will lead you to the room.

During the quest you will be taught how to place down and customize furniture. You can also use the table here to identify magical items. Finally, when you have finished all of the quests in the Room of Requirement, you can unlock the fast travel station there.

To fast travel there from Hogwarts, look at the Hogwarts map and check the “Hidden Room” icon that floats above the castle on the map. This is where the fast travel option for the Room of Requirement can be found.

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