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Where To Find The Science Journal Relic In COD MWZ

If you want to explore the new Dark Aether rift introduced with Season 3 Reloaded in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Zombies, you need to track down four unique relics, one of which is the Science Journal.

In order to open the new Rift introduced with today’s update, you need to find the Giraffe Toy Relic, Laptop Relic, and Imaginary Friend Drawing Relic, alongside the Science Journal.

Defeating Enemies In The Aether Storm

The Science Journal is probably the easiest of all the Relics to obtain. In order to collect it you simply need to defeat numerous zomibes inside the Aether Storm.

The Aether Storm is marked on the map by a purple biohazard icon, as shown above. It spawns in a different place for each match, but if you check your map, you’ll find it before long.

Then, all you have to do is head to the Aether Storm and kill enemies within the area. You don’t need to kill the Stormcaller.

It takes about 25 enemies before a Reward Rift appears containing the Science Journal.

Video Guide

How To Turn Relics Gold

A video guide on turning all of the new relics gold to open the Dark Aether Rif

Once you have all of the Relics, you will need to turn them gold in order to use them on the Pedestals at the new Aether Rift. You can do that following the video

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