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Where To Find The Synth For Wolfe’s Hunt In Wasteland 3

Where To Find The Synth In Wasteland 3
Wolfe’s Hunt Secondary Mission tasks you with finding a dangerous Synth. This guide on Where To Find The Synth For Wolfe’s Hunt In Wasteland 3 will tell you everything you need to know to track down the Synth and report back so you can complete the mission and continue your adventure.

After you rescue another Synth you will get this mission called Wolfe’s Hunt. You’re asked to find another Synth that is hiding somewhere around town in Colorado Springs. That’s the only clue you get on the whereabouts of the Synth’s location so you’ve got to find him the old fashioned way.

Wasteland 3 Wolfe’s Hunt Guide

If you were a synth looking to hide, where would you go? Hiding in plain sight you can find the Synth inside the Museum in Colorado Springs. The main entrance is blocked but there’s an entrance on the side that you can used to get inside. In the corner, there’s a “Welcome” sign on one of the displays with animatronics. Speak to the animatronic I’m and speaking with above and you will get some radio interference. I chose to select the “Nerd Stuff 4” response to stun the Synth. You then get to make a choice.

In multiplayer we were not able to talk to the Synth at all. We were only able to carry on with the quest by shooting one of the animatronics, causing the Synth to awaken.

You can destroy the synth, arrest the synth, or let it go. If you destroy the Synth and return to HQ, you will get further missions to track down and destroy other Synths. If you let the Synth go, you complete the mission but Wolfe is very unhappy with your decision. He leaves the base. It’s very possible that both he and the Synth may appear later in the game. If you arrest the Synth, it refuses to go with you, forcing you to either kill it or let it go.

If you decide to kill the Synth, you are given three other locations. “One look real close to Denver”, “A little further out from Denver”, and “There’s one in the Aspen area that keeps flickering”. We’re still working towards these and will update the guide one we get there.

One Looks Real Close To Denver

One Looks Real Close To Denver
You can find this one a short while after you reach Denver. You’re sent to Denver Airport. On the way you will come across a small room full of machines, you can’t miss it. Speak with the Synth inside and take it out to complete this part of the quest.

A little further out from Denver

A little further out from Denver
After completing all of the main story in Denver, you will get a radio message on the world map about martians invading a mine. Once you reach the Tellurium Mine, there’s a fight with a large spider robot. There is a synth in the same room, named Earl, kill him and take his head to complete this step of the quest.

There’s one in the Aspen area that keeps flickerin

There's one in the Aspen area that keeps flickerin
This one can be found in the Department Of Energy Site, a side mission area near Aspen. You need maximum radiation upgrades on your vehicle to reach the location. In the final room, there’s a fight with a lot of robots. The Synth is leading the robots in the fight.

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