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Where To Find The Three Wise Beasts In Elden Ring

At one of the towers in Elden Ring, you will get a mission to find three wise beasts. Check out this guide to find out where to find the three wise beasts in Elden Ring. This way you don’t run all around looking for the creatures you don’t need.

Where To Find The Three Wise Beasts In Elden Ring – Weeping Pennisula

After you look at the book, you should see a turtle near the path to the tower. It is almost like a ghost turtle. By seek the game means kill. Smack that ghost turtle and it will disappear. Now go up to the tower steps and drop off the left side and down into the bush. You will see a second turtle that is hiding from you. Smack the second turtle as well.

Now go behind the tower and into the little pond. There is a tiny ripple in the water that indicated where the turtle is hiding. Smack that invisible turtle and the door will open to the tower. There might also be a sign telling you where to hit the turtle.

Now you can enter the tower and climb up to the top. At the top you will find a memory shard and it allows you to hold an extra spell.

Where To Find The Three Wise Beasts In Elden Ring – Liurnia Of The Lakes

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