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Where To Find The Two Keys In The Desert In God Of War Ragnarok

The Favour the Desert Door has you tracking down 2 keys in The Forbidden Sands. This guide on Where To Find The Two Keys In The Desert In God Of War Ragnarok will walk you through the process of finding both the keys so you can open the locked door in the Forbidden Sands in Alfheim.

You may actually find the door that requires the two keys before you can actually find the keys, so let’s get that out of the way first. In the Northern edge of The Forbidden Stands there’s a huge statue of Freyr, Freya’s brother. Head to that location. When you get there Freya will start a Favour. Solve the simple light crystal puzzle to complete this Favour. This then allows you to inspect piles of black sand with glass stones in them for various rewards, such as crafting ingredients and other items.

Where To Find The Two Keys In The Desert In God Of War Ragnarok

One such other item is the first key. Head to the location shown above on the map, to the South West area of The Forbidden Sands. Here you will find a circle of glass stones with the black sand underneath. Inspect the center of the stone circle to find the first key.

You can find the second key here, to the East of The Forbidden Sands. There is another circle of glass-like stones on the black sand. Interact with the item in the middle to find the final key.

Where To Find The Desert Door
Now that you have both keys you can return to the door to unlock it. If you haven’t already found the door, it’s a huge door where I am standing at the map location above.

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