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Where To Find The Whetstone Knife In Elden Ring

The Whetstone Knife in Elden Ring is used to add new moves to your weapons so you can have different skills. Check out this guide to find out where to find the Whetstone Knife in Elden Ring. This way you can try out new moves on weapons that have crap ones.

Where To Find The Whetstone Knife In Elden Ring

You can find the Whetstone Knife in the ruins here on the map.

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You need to get near the center of the ruins and search for some stairs leading down. Down the steps there will be a chest and inside you will find the Whetstone Knife. If you had any enemies following you then watch out, they don’t care about the stairs and will still try to kill you. Once you get the Whetstone Knife, you can then equip new weapon skills at the Site of Grace.

The soldiers and mini boss here have decent gear if you want to fight them. It isn’t a 100% chance to drop but it is pretty high for them to drop at least one piece of armor or a weapon. You can always use the nearby Site of Grace to heal back up and respawn the enemies if things get annoying as well. It is a pretty easy camp to sneak kill most of the enemies as well.

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