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Where To Find The Zora Flippers In Cadence Of Hyrule

In Cadence Of Hyrule you will need to get the Zora Flippers in order to swim. Finding the flippers can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Check out this guide to find out where to find the Zora Flippers in Cadence Of Hyrule.

How To Swim In Cadence Of Hyrule

You will need two things to get the Zora flippers. First off you need some bombs, which are found pretty early. Second, you need to go to Lake Hylia and enter the cave of the Zora Prince. Inside of there you will see a few ghost like Zora who mostly just say …. If you speak to the one on the far right he will say something about the prince being in good hands. Place a bomb and get ready for a fight. When the bomb blows up, a ghost will come out and you need to kill it. When the ghost dies, the prince will wake up and your reward will be the Zora Flippers. You will be able to use that to get to the frozen part of the lake and access the dungeon.

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