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Where To Find Theophilus Correspondence In Expeditions Rome

One of the objectives for the main quest is to find some papers of Theophilus at the temple. Check out this guide to find out where to find Theophilus Correspondence in Expeditions: Rome. This way you can have a couple of different options when dealing with this quest.

Where To Find Theophilus Correspondence In Expeditions Rome

The first thing you will need to do is head to the Temple of Apollon. You should pick up a couple Pila tools if you haven’t. You can make them and they are free attacks later.

As you go through the areas you will eventually run into part of the temple that is on fire. Agree to help and grab the water out of the skinny barrel near where you start. I’ve never failed, but the papers are near that spot. If you fail I think they get burned up. Toss the water onto the fire and put it all out. Collect your reward and then go to the left of the temple that was going to burn.

In the grass near the back you will find a chest. If you open that chest you will find the secret missives inside. This will confirm that the enemy and the leader of this temple are in league. You will have to leave and speak with Syrenos to actually do anything with the papers though.

Clear the area and park your legion nearby. Head there and you can do the next part of the quest.

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