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Where To Find Treasure Packs In Apex Legends Season 5

Loba Andrade arrives in Season 5 for Apex and with her, a new Treasure Pack quest. This Where To Find Treasure Packs In Apex Legends Season 5 guide will break down the basic introduction to The Broken Ghost quest that challenges players to find the location of 45 Treasure Packs to complete the quest.

Firstly, there’s a few limitations you should be aware of. You do not need to be Loba Andrade to complete this quest in Apex Legends. Any character is able to discover the Treasure Packs hidden around the game world. Unfortunately however, you are only limited to finding a single Treasure Pack per day. If you find a Treasure Pack and pick it up, it disappears for your team, so they will each need to find their own Treasure Pack in order to progress with the quest. Even if another team mate finds a Treasure Pack after you already found yours, you will not be able to pick it up until your cooldown has complete. You can check the cooldown on the Quest screen on the main menu.

Where To Find Treasure Packs In Apex Legends Season 5

Where To Find Treasure Packs In Apex Legends Season 5
Some of us thought there may be a level of complexity to the Treasure Packs, hiding them away in well thought out places to encourage a bit more exploration outside of Apex Legends’ iconic run and gun action. However, for good or bad, that’s not the case.

Finding the location of Treasure Packs is as simple as opening a crate. That’s it. No special crate, no special location. I went into a duo with a friend and immediately found my Treasure Pack in the very first crate we opened. Mere moments later, my ally also found his Treasure Pack in the third crate we opened. They are not rare at all during the early stages and can be found across almost the entirety of the may in just about any chest that you can open for loot.

So that’s it, that’s how you find Treasure Packs for the launch of the new Season 5 content in Apex Legends. Happy hunting.

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