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Where To Find Type-T Fuse In Fallout 76

Where To Find Type-T Fuse In Fallout 76
An objective for Ounce of Prevention requires you to find a Type-T Fuse. This guide will tell you Where To Find Type-T Fuse In Fallout 76 so you can proceed with the quest, grab all the different blood samples and move on to the next quest.

The Ounce of Prevention quest has several main objectives. You need to hunt down specific enemies and obtain blood samples. Then you have to located a Type-T Fuse. If you check your map, the game gives you the general area of the objective, Greg’s Mine Supply.

Where To Find Type-T Fuse In Fallout 76

Where To Find Type-T Fuse In Fallout 76 Gregs
Once you get there, you’ll come across Greg’s Mine Supply. The main building is locked and requires a key to enter through the front. However, you can enter around the back without any problems. From there, head through the rooms until you reach the large room with all the rubble and large metal doors.

You will find the Type-T Fuse in a small red box on the left, at the end of the scaffolding.

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