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Where To Find UDL Lab Weapons Keycard In Outer Worlds

Where To Find UDL Lab Weapons Keycard In Outer Worlds
One of the Weapons From The Void objectives is locked behind a very high hack. This guide tells you Where To Find UDL Lab Weapons Keycard In Outer Worlds, as without it, you’re going to need an insanely high set of stats to break open this lock and find yourself another Science Weapon.

The Weapons From The Void side quest is one of the most lucrative quests in the game. It sends you across the galaxy in search of rare and powerful Science weapons – weapons with unique abilities not found anywhere else in-game.

Where To Find UDL Lab Weapons Keycard In Outer Worlds

UDL Lab Keycard
If you arrive at the lab and you don’t have the stats to break in, fear not, the key is not far. Head up the stairs, inside the lab, and check the tables. Sitting atop one of the tables, next to a broken terminal, is the keycard.

Simply pick it up, and now you can access the terminal, no problem. You need 55 Hack to open the door, easy enough with the right party members. Or you can answer a series of questions.

Answer 1: Protect The Chairman
Answer 2: Berate Him
Answer 3: Arrest your Spouse

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