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Where To Find Wood In Pokemon Arceus

Wood is another material you will end up needing for some requests in Pokemon Arceus. Check out this guide to find out where to find wood in Pokemon Arceus. This way you aren’t looking in the wrong areas for the material.

Where To Find Wood In Pokemon Arceus

To find wood you will want to head to the south east of the Obsidian Fieldlands. This area has Springy Mushrooms, Wood, and Honey in the forests in the area.

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Where To Find Wood In Pokemon Arceus 2


Here are a few of the spots that I found some wood at. The wood is normally near some trees, or in between a set of different trees. You will want to run around the area to make sure you grab it all up. If you need more you can leave the area and return to have it respawn. You will need three pieces to make the doll for the first quest.

When you get your three, return to a crafting station and make the doll for the crafting guy. Give it to him and he will reward you with another Pokedoll. They can be sold at the general store for 1000 each, giving you a nice little profit for this side mission. I am looking for a larger source of wood so you can farm a few of the dolls if you need a little extra cash.

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