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Where To Find Wurmple In Pokemon Arceus

One of the early requests in Pokemon Arceus has you looking for the Pokemon Wurmple. Check out this guide to find out where to find Wurmple in Pokemon Arceus. This way you can complete that quest, get the reward, and move on to more quests.

Where To Find Wurmple In Pokemon Arceus

To find your Wurmple you will want to head to the Fieldlands Camp area first. This is the very first zone so you will run into all sorts of lower level Pokemon here. Head to this area on the map and you will see the Horeshoe Plains.

Where To Find Wurmple In Pokemon Arceus 1

Around this area you can see some trees and some grass. IF you sneak through the grass you will come up to some of the Wurmples near the trees. They will try to run if you attack, so sneaking and throwing the Pokeball is the best way to get these ones. After you catch one, catch a second one as well. Turning in the quest will mean you have to give a Wurmple away.

If you do this at night you can find the Pokemon Drifloon floating around as well. Drifloon is a strong early game Pokemon so catching one now can make things easier for you in the long run. There are also Ponyta in the area for those of you who need to find a Fire Pokemon still.

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