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Where To Find Your DLC Items In Far Cry New Dawn

Where To Find Your DLC Items In Far Cry New Dawn
If you pre ordered Far Cry New Dawn then you will have access to some special items. Check out this guide to find out where to find your DLC items in Far Cry New Dawn. With these items you can take out your enemies with style.

Where To Find Your DLC Items In Far Cry New Dawn

There are two main sets of DLC items you can get in Far Cry New Dawn. The first is the vehicles, which you can find right outside Prosperity. The second is the guns if you got the deluxe edition. You can equip these at any weapons work bench, there is one in Prosperity.

To find your cars you will want to hit the Garage right outside of Prosperity. Select the land vehicles and scroll down until you see your vehicle and select it to send it out. the Unicorn Trike for instance, can be found in the third tier(purple tier) at the halfway marker. You only have to click it to send it out, no need to craft one.

To find your weapons you will have check the workbench inside Prosperity. It is the same as with the cars, you can go down the list until you find your DLC weapons and just activate them to use them. I didn’t have the weapons so I am not sure what tier they are in.

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