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Where To Find Your DLC Items In Ghost Of Tsushima

If you pre ordered Ghost Of Tsushima then you are probably wondering where you DLC items are. Check out this guide to find out where to find your DLC items in Ghost Of Tsushima. This way you won’t be stressing out that you might have missed something obvious.

Where To Find Your DLC Items In Ghost Of Tsushima

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There are a couple of parts that you get your DLC items at. First off, as you are going through the intro you will be run into some stables with horses. Here you can claim your digital deluxe horse and name it. The horse doesn’t have any increased stats or anything like that but it comes with the DLC set that you got for pre ordering. It is important to note that you cannot change the horse color later, pick the color you want.

After you wrap up the intro and get to chapter one is when you will unlock the rest of your DLC items. When you are allowed to look at the map, press start and a few other options will open up as well. Head over to the Gear tab and you can see your sword, armor, charms, and horse saddles. You can change the skin of your sword to be the Hero of Tsushima one. You also get a free charm that will restore a little bit of HP per kill. The armor set comes with a mask and helmet, but the armor itself increases your HP and reduces damage so equip that forsure. You can also change the saddle on your horse if you want. Once you unlock skill points you will also have a bonus point for pre order.

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