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Where To Find Your DLC Items In Watch Dogs: Legion

Where To Find Your DLC Items In Watch Dogs Legion
If you pre ordered Watch Dogs Legion, you might be wondering where your DLC items are located. Check out this guide to find out where to find your DLC items in Watch Dogs: Legion. This way you aren’t stressing over if you have them all or not.

Where To Find Your DLC Items In Watch Dogs Legion

When you first start the game, you will have to complete a tutorial mission. After you wrap that mission up, you will have to pick a new operative. Pick your operative and then start the mission. This first pick doesn’t matter a ton because you will be getting better recruits in a bit. Follow the mission until you reach the safe house and power it up. After you power it up, you will be given access to the outfit station. Click R1 or right bumper to get to your wardrobe. You will find all your DLC clothe here.

For those of you who go weapon skins, proceed a bit further and you will be given a weapon. Go to your team menu and click edit on your character. Select the weapon and in the top right corner you will see weapon skin. Click the button and you can change your weapon skin, assuming you have it for that gun. You can also buy weapon skins here if you want. This is also where you will change your car skins if the character has a car.

Lastly, if you got the ultimate edition you have special operatives you get. After you do the melee tutorial, go to the team menu and you will see them there. You can switch to them as long as you are not in combat, or hostile territory. You can also see new recruits down below. The four special heroes are not in the game yet, so you have to wait on those.

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