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Where To Get A Mount In Horizon Forbidden West

Forbidden West has a massive game world to explore, so a mount really helps. This guide on Where To Get A Mount In Horizon Forbidden West will tell you where you can get your first Charger mount, as it’s a machine that offers a permanent mount option and doesn’t disappear like other machines you can override.

This is likely available very early in the game. Once you reach the open-world section. However, I didn’t return here for a long time, about 20-30 hours into the game. I waited until about halfway through the story when the game gives you the tutorial introduction for how to override machines. However, right near the starting area, just before Barren Light, there is a Charger Mount location where you can override your first mount.

Where To Get A Mount In Horizon Forbidden West

To override a machine you need to be in close proximity and in stealth. If they have been alerted, you cannot attempt to override them. If you are close enough and you have the requirements to override the machine, you simply follow the on-screen prompts and hold Triangle. This will begin the override process. Once the mount has been fully overridden, it will become available as a permanent mount.

You can access it by pressing left and right on the d-pad to navigate the different tools available. Then, once you have selected the mount, hold the down button on the d-pad. This will summon the machine and you can use it to travel or fight alongside.

Unlike other machines, mounts cannot be defeated permanently in combat. You can resurrect them if you’re close.

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