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Where To Get A Unicorn Pet In Hogwarts Legacy

In terms of Magical Beasts, it doesn’t get more majestic than the fabulous Unicorn. In this guide on Where To Get A Unicorn Pet In Hogwarts Legacy we’ll tell you where you can find of the very few dens belonging to a Unicorn, a Magical Beast that you can rescue and raise in your Room of Requirement, feeding and interacting with it.

Before you are able to capture Magical Beasts, you must have unlocked the Nab Sack (YT Video). The Nab Sack is a magical item that can be used to rescue Magical Beasts at various dens across the world of Hogwarts.

Where To Get A Unicorn Pet In Hogwarts Legacy

You can find the Unicorn Den in the Forbidden Forest, on the Eastern side near the mountains. It’s a relatively dangerous area at lower levels so you may want to wait until you are a little bit higher if the enemies within are tough. Once you can fly, it’s cake, you can drop in, grab the unicorn and drop out.

The unicorn is quite easy to capture using regular tactics. Approach with the invisibility spell cast on yourself. As you get near, cast the Levioso spell on the unicorn to make it float, and then use your Nab Sack. Follow the on-screen prompts. One cast is rarely enough, so just before it’s about to escape, cast Levioso again before casting the Nab Sack.

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