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Where To Get All The Fishing Rods In Fire Emblem Engage

The fishing activity allows you to gather special fish and Bond Fragments. In this guide on Where To Get All The Fishing Rods In Fire Emblem Engage, we list all of the fishing rods you can get in the game alongside all the information you need to unlock them.

Fishing is an activity unlocked through natural progress following the story. Once you reach and complete the battle in Chapter 9, return to the Somniel. At this point you will get a notification that fishing is now available. Simply fast travel to the pond and you can start fishing. You are only able to attempt fishing three times before having to do another mission to reset the limit.

Where To Get All The Fishing Rods In Fire Emblem Engage

Modest Rod
This fishing rod is unlocked when you unlock the fishing activity and try it for the first time. This fishing rod can catch Charwal, Big-Eyed Sardine, and Myceen Eel.

Sturdy Rod
You can buy the Sturdy Rod from the Flea Market. You unlock the Flea Marker in Chapter 12. From there, follow the story until Chapter 16. You will get a notification that the Flea Market has new goods. This is when you can buy the Sturdy Rod.

Supreme Rod
Follow the main story until you reach Chapter 21. At this point you will get another notification that the Flea Market has new wares. Head to the Flea Market to buy the Supreme Rod.

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