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Where To Get Bigger Bags In New World

Increasing your carrying capacity in New World let’s you carry more items. This guide on Where To Get Bigger Bags In New World will explain how you go about first upgrading your initial bags so that you increase your encumbrance level and gather more items before having to put them into storage.

  • Reach Character Level 10 to unlock the first bag space in your inventory
  • You find the bag slow with your accessories. You get a new slot at level 30 and level 45
  • Follow the story quest until the Innkeeper in your town tells you to visit another Innkeeper
  • Or you can visit an Outfitting Station and use that to craft a Coarse Leather Bag

Where To Get Bigger Bags In New World

When you first reach level 10, you’re unlikely to have a bag, so you have two options. You can follow the main story or you can craft a bag. If you follow the main story for a few more quests, eventually the innkeeper in your town will send you on a quest to another town to speak with their innkeeper. Once you arrive at the new town and complete the quest, you are given a bag. You can then equip this bag to get an extra 50 weight in your inventory.

If you don’t want to go down that route find an Outfitting Station, all major towns have one. Look under the Bags tab. You will need 45 Tier 2 Leather, 25 Linen, 10 Iron Ingots, and a Minor Rune of Holding. All easy materials to farm. The Rune can be purchased from your faction-specific shop in any of the major towns.

And that’s Where To Get Bigger Bags In New World.

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