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Where To Get Diamonds In Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Diamonds are a rare and valuable resource used for some of the best weapons in the game. In this guide on Where To Get Diamonds In Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom we’ll break down three methods you can use to farm some diamonds so you can fill your stock and unlock some awesome items.

Before we dive into this, it’s worth noting that you should not sell your Diamonds. It’s tempting as they sell for 500 Rupees each and money can be hard to come by, but if you want to progress into the late-game stages of the experience, you can unlock incredible weapons from each of the 4 regions in the game. After you complete the story for a nation, such as Gerudo or Gorons, speak with the head. They have quests that, once completed, will give you that regions most powerful weapon in exchange for Diamonds.

Where To Get Diamonds In Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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There are three main methods to finding Diamonds. Firstly, you can buy them in Goron City. They are expensive, about 1,000 Rupees each. However, you can increase your earnings by selling your ore and minerals here as a specific NPC will give you more than other shops. The second method is to farm it the traditional way, exploring rocky, mountainous areas and caves and smash rocks. It works but it’s very rare.

Finally, there’s the feeding method, detailed in the video above. You can feed Luminous Stones to a certain animal and there’s a small chance the animal will poop out a Diamond.

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