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Where To Get Dulled Scales In Dauntless

Where To Get Dulled Scales In Dauntless
Dulled Scales are one of them many resources in Dauntless that you’ll need to find to upgrade certain weapon and armor sets. This guide will tell you Where To Get Dulled Scales In Dauntless so you can upgrade your weapons to higher levels and get those rare armor set bonuses.

As with many of the resources and materials in Dauntless, you’ll have to pray that the RNG gods are with you. It’s a randomized drop and there’s very little you can do yo increase the chances of having it drop. The quickest way to get Dulled Scales in Dauntless is to defeat Rogue Gnashers.

Rogue Gnashers are the beaver type enemy. They are very easy to kill, especially if you’ve progressed to the higher tiered armor and weapons. The Rogue Gnasher is the weaker version of the Gnasher, meaning you’re able to kill it much faster than the normal Gnasher – and the drop is equally as common against the Rogue Gnasher and normal Gnasher.

You don’t have to break off the tail to receive the Dulled Scales – although I found more success after breaking the creatures face. It’s approximately a 15% drop rate so be prepared to do a few runs. That’s everything you need to know for Where To Get Dulled Scales In Dauntless.

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