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Where To Get Hide In Return To Moria (Lord of the Rings)

You Can Eventually Turn Hide Scraps Into Hide

Hide is a surprisingly rare resource that you’re going to need a lot of. This guide on Where To Get Hide In Return To Moria (Lord of the Rings) will go over two different methods of obtaining hide. One you’re going to use very early in the game, and then a much better method for a little later in the game.

Firstly, the simple and most obvious way, killing animals. You will often find deer and other animals in the game and these are your only source of Hide early in the game. Follow the main story until you reach the elven section, the area with all the trees and grass. The animals are very common here, probably the best place to farm it early game. It’s a slow process, with most only dropping 1-2 a time, but there is a much faster method later.

Where To Get Hide In Return To Moria (Lord of the Rings)

The first area you start in is the Western Halls. This is the very first region of the game. As you follow the story and get to the end of the area, you will reach The Crystal Descent. This marks the end of the Western Halls where, once repaired, you descend down to the next region, The Lower Deeps. Climbing down the Crystal Descent is a challenging task but once you reach the bottom, you will unlock the Loom.

You can then use the Loom to make Hide Scraps, items that are infinitely more common than Hide, into Hide itself. You can also use it to make Leather and Numenorean Cloth.

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