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Where To Get Ladybug Mount In Lost Ark

There are many different mounts in Lost Ark, one such mount is a cute Ladybug insect. This guide on Where To Get Ladybug Mount In Lost Ark tells you how to unlock the Ladybug mount, for free, so you can unlock it and use it as a mount as you progress through the game.

The Ladybug mount is actually really easy to but it can be missed if you don’t do the story here. I just noticed a lot of people in Lost Ark’s region chat asking how it was unlocked as they were concerned that they may have missed it or didn’t want to do any side quests. As I said previously, you can miss the mount, so just follow the story and complete the side quests and you’re good to go.

Where To Get Ladybug Mount In Lost Ark

After you finish the main story on Luterra, you’re then given World Quests. These are marked by a blue globe icon on the map. The first World Quest takes you to Tortoyk. Follow this line of quests and you will eventually reach Mokoko Village, which is always where you spend your Mokoko Seeds. The main quest in this village will send you on a few basic errands but eventually, you will get the side quest Keep Farm From Harm.

This is after a string of side quests in Mokoko Village. Complete each of them to get to the Keep Farm From Harm quest. Once that’s complete, you can turn it in and get the reward.

Fishing is one of the many different trade skills in Lost Ark. This guide on How To Fish In Lost Ark will tell you how you can start fishing up materials and resources from the various rivers, lakes, and streams in Lost Ark. As with all of the Trade Skills, before you're able to use fishing, you must first unlock crafting.
Sonar is a special Trade Skill ability that unlocks once you unlock crafting. This guide on How To Use Sonar In Lost Ark will tell you how you can use the Sonar skill to detect relics and buried treasures that can be obtained through the Excavating Skill.
There are many treasure maps in Lost Ark. This Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide - Lone Insects Demonic Cave will tell you where to find the hidden treasure in the Saland Hill map with the single clue being "Lone Insects Demonic Cave" and a map giving you a rough location.
During the main story quest Holy Inquisitors, one of the objectives is to use the /disappointed emote. However, if you're reading this you've likely discovered that the emote doesn't do anything. Worry not, the quest itself is not bugged, just likely a translation error bringing the game to the West.

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