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Where To Get More Mallowsweet In Hogwarts Legacy

Mallowsweet is an item required to start the Merlin Trials. In this guide on Where To Get More Mallowsweet In Hogwarts Legacy we’ll explain how you can find more as each Merlin Trial costs a single Mallowsweet and you’re only given a few at the start of the game, so you will run out quickly.

Merlin Trials are very useful as it’s the only way to increase your inventory size so you can carry more gear. Each Merlin Trial requires you to start the trial by placing a Mallowsweet on the trial platform. Once the herb has been placed, the trial starts. If you leave the area the puzzle has still started, so it won’t reset and you won’t need to replace the Mallowsweet.

Where To Get More Mallowsweet In Hogwarts Legacy

Head to Hogsmead. You can visit Deathweed and Dogcaps store first if you wish, they sell fertilizer. Using fertilizer on the Mallowsweet will change the return from a seed to 6 plants instead of 5. You need to use one each time you grow the plant though, so it’s not very financially beneficial.

In Hogsmead you need to visit the Magic Neep shop. This is on the West side of town, just over the bridge. Speak with the shopkeeper there and you can buy some Mallowsweet seeds. Once you have the seeds you can either grow them in the garden at school or in your own room.

We highly advise that you follow the main story until you unlock the Room of Requirement. This allows you to put all your crafting stations in a single room, making growing and gathering much easier. Once you have your own room simply make any bench with a small pot and you’ll be able to plant and grow Mallowsweet.

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