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Where To Get Play Passes In Lost Judgment

Paradise VR is one of the best ways to earn money in the entire game, but you need a Play Pass. This guide on Where To Get Play Passes In Lost Judgment will tell you where to find all of the different Play Pass rewards we’ve discovered so far, but be warned, they are not easy to get.

So far, we have only discovered three methods of obtaining regular Play Passes. There are two mini-games that reward you with prizes that include Play Passes.

Heavens Golf
Complete Bingo Challenge with 8 Bingos.

Batting Center (Both Cities)
Purchase for 4,000 Points.

During Chapter 4, you will get a Detective Dog that you can summon like a gadget. When exploring with the dog, there is a chance it will find a Play Pass.

You can purchase a single Play Pass from a store here. It’s a homeless guy.

Skateboard Prize Exchange
Purchased for 18,000 Points (part of School Stories)

Whether or not this is easy, fast, slow, or hard, is completely dependent on your affinity for these mini-games. Personally, I’ve found the Heavens Golf mini-game to be infinitely easier. There’s less variables, and it’s more slow paced. But if the pitching works best for you, go at it.

Where To Get Play Passes In Lost Judgment

Where To Get Play Passes
You have to hit every single panel to get the Play Pass on the Bingo Golf. That’s 9 panels, 10 shots, you can miss one. Use the panels on the right to determine distance. The wind, accuracy, and movement of the panels increases with each 3 you get, so it gets harder. I’ve had the most success aiming for the back top 3 first, as the wind is easier and it’s not moving.

Then it’s just a matter of lining up the panel on the right, for the power, taking the wind into account, and having a swing. It’s not guaranteed but I probably got the full bingo on 3 out of 5 attempts.

If we find faster methods of finding Play Passes in Judgment, we’ll be sure to update the guide.

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