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Where To Get Tera Shards In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

A List Of Every Different Way To Get Tera Shards

Tera Shards are a rare and valuable resources in the new Pokemon games. This guide on Where To Get Tera Shards In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet will tell you of several methods you can use to farm Tera Shards as you need 50 Tera Shards of a single type in order to change a Pokemon’s Tera Type to a new version.


Where To Get Tera Shards In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Tera Shards are a new and unique resource to Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet as they are used in the new Tera Type mechanic. This exciting new feature allows a Pokemon to Teratilize into a different type. Every Pokemon can either be caught or bred to have any other Tera Type, which means every combination of type is available if you farm the Tera Shards and exchange them for a Tera Type change. There are multiple ways of obtaining Tera Shards, as listed below.

Farming Wild Tera Pokemon

When you are exploring the game world you will often encounter Pokemon that are glowing a gold-like color. These are Pokemon in the wild in their Tera Type form. Defeating or catching these Pokemon will give you the Tera Type crystal associated with the Tera Type that the Pokemon transformed into. You need to “break” their Tera Shield first by reducing them to low HP, then you are able to catch them.

Farming Tera Raids

Huge crystals dot the landscape with beams of light heading high into the sky. You can also see them on your map. Before you complete the game you are restricted to 3 Star Raids but once you have finished the main story and won the Academy tournament, 4 Star and 5 Star raids start appearing, and these give a lot more Tera Shards.

Getting Tera Shards From NPCs

Several NPC’s in the game world will give you a bunch of shards for doing certain things. Below is the list of what we’ve found so far. If an NPC talks of reaching a Close Bond, you increase your friendship with teachers by completing all of the classroom quests, finishing your Midterms, and finishing finals. Then you speak with the teacher several times to go up a friendship level each time.

You can get 50 Dragon Tera Shards for reaching a Close Bond with Hassel
You can get a further 50 Rock Tera Shards by reaching a Close Bond with Ms. Tyme
You get 50 Normal Tera Shards for speaking with the Tera Type changing NPC

Area Zero Tera Shards

In Area Zero you can find Tera Shards on the floor, shiny objects that you can collect. This is not a fast method but you can find a lot down here. Nearly all of the shiny objects on the floor are Tera Shards, so if you’re down there catching Pokemon, make sure to pick up as many as you can.

What Are Tera Shards For?

Tera Shards are used to change a Pokemon’s Tera Type to a new one. For example, if you want to change a Pokemon’s Tera Type to Normal, you will need to spend 50 Normal Tera Shards at the Tera Type Changing NPC. Tera Types add a whole new level of depth to raising Pokemon and creating strong, unique teams. It can offset a Pokemon’s biggest weakness while highlighting their strengths.

You can visit Treasure Eatery in Medali, you visit this as part of the Gym Trial for this town in the story. Speak with the chef in the back and after they give you the 50 Normal Tera Shards, they will offer to change a Pokemon’s Tera Type for you. From that point on, you can bring 50 Tera Shards of any type to this NPC and they will change a Pokemon’s Tera Type to whatever you choose.

What’s The Fastest Way To Get Tera Shards?

By far, the quickest method is to farm Tera Raids, these are the huge crystals that you find dotted around the landscape. You can find Tera Raids at 3 Star all the way up to 6 Star, although you won’t find any higher than 4 star until you complete the story. Whenever you defeat or catch a Tera Type Pokemon, you will receive a number of Tera Shards. The number is based on the difficulty, so you get more for doing 6 star raids, and the type of Tera Shard is based on the Tera Type of the Pokemon you defeated or caught.

Tera Raid’s are much easier with friends. The AI can do the job, but you have to do a lot of the heavy lifting. 3 Star Raids are level 34, 4 Star level 45, 5 star level 75, and 6 star, level 75. If you want to tackle these solo, you want to be at least 15-20 levels ahead of the target Pokemon and make sure you are going in with a Super Effective type. For example, choosing an Electric Pokemon to fight a Water Pokemon. With the right Pokemon builds it is possible to one shot a level 5 Star or 6 Star Raid, making it much easier to farm materials like Tera Shards.

Is It Worth Farming Tera Shards?

For the average casual player, not really. If you’re likely to stop playing Pokemon Scarlet or Violet once you’ve finished the main story, the new Tera Type system won’t do much for you. If you’re into competitive battling or enjoy min-maxing Pokemon to create new and exciting combos, it’s definitely worth it. Even doing the lower level Raids you can get 50 Tera Shards in a short while, so creating a team of the Tera Types you desire is not a ton of work and will definitely make your competitive team stronger and more viable.

How To Get Tera Shards

  • You can get 50 Dragon, 50 Rock, and 50 Normal Tera Shards for talking with certain NPC’s and raising your bond level with specific teachers
  • You can look for gold, glowing Pokemon on the world map. These are wild Tera Type Pokemon. Kill them to get the Tera Shards of their Tera Type
  • In the end-game area, Area Zero, you can find the glowing items on the floor. These are very often Tera Shards
  • The fastest way to get Tera Shards is to farm Tera Raids. The higher the raid level, the more shards you get

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