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Where To Get The Imaginary Friend Drawing Relic In COD MWZ

Season 3 Reloaded’s Zombies update for Call of Duty introduces a new Dark Aether Rift that requires four new Relics to open the portal. One of those relics is the Imaginary Friend Drawing.

You Need Death Perception Perk Activated

An image showing how to obtain the Death Perception Perk

Before you are able to obtain this Relic, you need to make sure you have the Death Perception perk active. You can obtain this in one of two ways. You can buy it in-game at a Depth Perception machine or you can craft it.

If you have the recipe, craft the Death Perception Can from the Perk-A-Colas

Head To The Mansion In I-7

A map showing the location of the mansion in I-7 to help players find it easier

You need to head to a mansion located in I-7. Use the coordinates on the top and side of the map to located I-7. It’s in the South East corner of the map. It’s over the lake from Shahin Manor.

Once you reach the mansion, head upstairs, and you will find a large bedroom with a double bed sitting in the center of the room.

Look For The Relic Under The Bed

An image showing the relic hiding under the bed, making it easier for the player to find it

As you approach the bed, lay down and look underneath it. You will see a small jewelled box. As you approach, you should hear a voice-over from the Entity, giving you a bit of backstory on the Relic.

After a short bit of dialogue, a Reward Rift will appear on the bed. You can then access the Reward Rift to obtain the Relic,

Make sure you have the Laptop Relic and the Giraffe Toy Relic, and finally the Science Journal Relic.

Video Guide

How To Turn Relics Gold

A video guide on turning all of the new relics gold to open the Dark Aether Rif

Once you have all of the Relics, you will need to turn them gold in order to use them on the Pedestals at the new Aether Rift. You can do that following the video

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