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Where To Get The Iron Gjallarhorn & Year 3 Gjallarhorn In Destiny Rise Of Iron

Where To Get The Iron Gjallarhorn In Destiny Rise Of Iron
One of the most iconic weapons in gaming makes a highly anticipated return but Where To Get The Iron Gjallarhorn & Year 3 Gjallarhorn In Destiny Rise Of Iron? The Rise of Iron expansion launched today and offered the Iron Gjallarhorn as a pre-order incentive for players looking to relive the glory of Gjallarhorn days of yesteryear.

Where To Get The Iron Gjallarhorn & Year 3 Gjallarhorn In Destiny Rise Of Iron

If you’re looking to bolster your arsenal straight away you’ll want to know where to get the Iron Gjallarhorn In Destiny Rise Of Iron. You’re going to have to put in a bit of leg work if you’re hoping to launch a rocket of death at the feet of your enemies.

The actual pre-order gives you the Iron Gjallarhorn skin but you will still need to get the Year 3 Gjallarhorn in order to use it. That’s where the work comes in.

Once you’ve completed the main story speak with Shiro to collect the Echoes of the Past quest. This will tell you to start a Patrol The Plaguelands mission. Once inside seek out a Brood Mother, take them down and you will get a Splicer Key. May take a couple of kills, they are the Wizards which are commonly found all over. Next up head to the Archon’s Keep area and farm the missions there until you find the mission marked with the Ghost icon, this will ask you to scan an anomaly. Head to the objective, you don’t have to kill the walker and scan the anomaly. This will then begin the Beauty In Destruction, head back to speak with Lord Saladin and then Tyra Karn.

You’re now tasked with finding all of the Iron Medallions.

Archon’s Keep Iron Medallion

Archon's Keep Iron Medallion Location

Notes: In the very corner near the area where you kill the priest during one of the Summoning missions. Tucked away in the corner.

Lords’ Watch Iron Medallion

Lords Watch Iron Medallion Location

Notes: As soon as you spawn into The PlagueLands in Patrol look to your right for the small hut. it is inside.

Bunker Triglav Iron Medallion

Bunker Triglav Iron Medallion

Notes: It’s in the large bunker complex. As you head inside take a left and it’s on some shelves, you can see the icon on-screen just outside the bunker. It’s not the one with 01 printed on the outside of the building.

Giant’s Husk Iron Medallion

Giant's Husk Iron Medallion Location

Notes: Difficult to get a wider area screenshot for this one. It’s up above the overpass, the large road above all of the enemies. It’s the area with lots of crates.

Forgotten Pass Iron Medallion

Forgotten Pass Iron Medallion Location

Notes: On one edge of the bridge, you can’t miss it.

Site 6 Iron Medallion

Site 6 Iron Medallion

Notes: Head to the very corner of Archon’s Keep and enter the area that takes you underground. Through Archon’s Forge. When you get to the door that requires the Splicer Key, just before the spider tank enemy thing, it’s on your left. Don’t go through the door.

Felwinter Peak Iron Medallion

Felwinter Peak Iron Medallion

Notes: On the left staircase inside Felwinter Peak. There’s some rocks you can climb. Climb the rocks up to the location where you see Killerklam in the screenshot above. Higher agility can help if you’re struggling.

Return to hand the quest in and you’re not far from your goal. You need to collect 5 Find Dormant SIVA Clusters at some point. Check our guide to find the first 5 easily. Once you’ve handed it in you’ll have to complete A Symbol of Honor quest on Earth. It’s on the North West corner of the map if you struggle to find it. Following that is Beauty in Delivery. These are basic quests, some tough fights but nothing you should struggle with.

Once you’ve completed that mission the Iron Gjallarhorn skin & Year 3 Gjallarhorn are yours.

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