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How To Get The Khvostov 7G Exotic Quest In Destiny Rise Of Iron

How To Get The Khvostov 7G Exotic Quest In Destiny Rise Of Iron

The Khvostov 7G is an Exotic Rifle you can get in Destiny Rise Of Iron. The gun is completely optional and you can easily miss it if you don’t know where to look. This guide will tell you How To Get The Khvostov 7G Exotic Quest In Destiny Rise Of Iron

Where To Use The Splicer Intel Relay In Destiny

You cannot get this until you beat the main story line in the Rise Of Iron. When you do that, start a patrol mission in the Plague Lands. You will be looking for a Brood Mother(Wizard) while going looking around. They spawn pretty frequently if you kill on you will get a Splicer Intel Relay. This can be used to open a barred door in the world. You will need to travel back over to the Cosmodrome from the Plague Lands. You cannot just warp into patrol on Earth, you need to go from the Plague Lands. The way back to the Cosmodrome is pretty close to where you spawn in at for the Plague Lands. Go right and follow the path until you hit an area that goes up, but you cannot take your Sparrow up. Take that path and follow it through to get to the Cosmodrome.

After you make it there you need to enter the Breach. You will have to fight your way to the end of the area and then use the Splicer Intel Relay on the switch near the Laser door. This will open a path to the large ship outside. You have to fight your way onto the ship and then open the chest in the corner to find the Khvostov 7F Schematic. Return to the Iron Temple and you can start the quest to actually unlock the weapon. Talk to Shiro-4 there and you will start the quest “We Found A Rifle”. Now you will have to some grinding for the gun.

To get the 10 pages you just have to kill a bunch of enemies during a Plague Land patrol. You need 10 pages but it will most likely take way more kills than that to get them all. Finding the Parts for the gun is a bit more complicated then just killing enemies.

Weapon Part 1 – You need to enter at the Plague Lands but this is found in the Cosmodrome. Go to where you first get your ship, also the first place you fight a boss in Russia, it’s called Dock 13. You can find it under the stairs in the room away from the Boss.

Destiny Rise Of Iron Weapon Part 1

Weapon Part 2 – You can find this one in the Refinery. If you remember the Year 1 Strike where you had to fight the Spider Tank, this is the area you want to be in. Right after the laser grid that Dinklebot used to open for you, you can find the Weapon Part on the floor.

Destiny Rise Of Iron Weapon Part 2

Weapon Part 3 – The Last Weapon Part is also in the Spider Tank strike. You need to go where the Spider Tank is and on the side of the building in the beginning of the area you can find it. The Spider Tank can shoot you from there so try to bait a shot out of it before going for the part.

Destiny Rise Of Iron Weapon Part 3

When you have all the parts, warp back to base and get the next part of the mission. There is one last mission before you can get the gun. You have to kill some elite enemies. the first one warps around a bit and when you get him to about half HP he warps away to recover fully. Follow the red glowing mist to find him again. I had a buddy and I advise you bring one also. After you kill the first boss you will have to kill another but this time you can use the 7G. Talk with you Ghost at the end of the mission and turn in at the Hub to complete this chain.

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