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Where To Get Zora Armor Set In Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

One of Links most iconic armor sets. In this guide on Where To Get Zora Armor Set In Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom we’ll explain how you can get the set of armor that lets Link swim faster and navigate up waterfalls – which makes Zora’s Domain a pure pleasure to explore.

Unlike Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom does not appear to offer set bonuses. As such, a lot of the sets are not “sets” in the complete sense. We’ve found countless helmets that have no boots or armor counterpart. However, the Zora set is one of the sets that definitely has three pieces. The armor, the helm, and the greaves.

Where To Get Zora Armor Set In Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

For the chest piece, simply visit Zora Domain and start the story there. After starting the story, speak with the princess and she will tell you about repairing the armor. Then, go and speak with the blacksmith downstairs. He’s in a small area with some tools. You will then need to find an Ancient Arowana fish. Simply return that to the princess and you get the chest piece.

For the second piece, you need to travel to the land of the sky fish.. Just east of Zora’s Domain, in the Sky domain, check the map and you will see a large island shaped like a fish. You can get to the island by swimming up water that comes out of the mouth of the island. Once you are on top of the island simply walk to the tail end. There’s a very small cave entrance on the side of the fish. Glide in and you will find Zo

For the final piece, you need to complete the Goron story section of the main story so that the Prince becomes king. Then return to Zora’s domain and speak with the new queen. She will tell you that the greaves are lost somewhere in the Ancient Zora Waterworks. Deep in the waterworks, underground, you’ll find waterfall guarded by a boss. Simply run behind the waterfall and grab the chest to get the final piece of the set.

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