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Where To Go After The Second Zangetsu Fight In Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night

After the second Zangetsu fight in Bloodstained, you might be a little lost. The game is not very clear on what you need to do to proceed in the game. Check out this guide to find out where to go after the second Zangetsu fight in Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night.

Where To Find The Warhorse Key & Door In Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night

After the second Zangetsu fight you will have to equip the Zangetsuto blade in order to progress. From there you will want to warp the the Hall Of Termination.

Bloodstained Blood Moon 2

You will be going into a boss fight next so grab any healing items you need. Go to the right on the map and climb the stairs to the top for a fight. This part is the critical part of the plan. With Zangetsuto equipped you have to deal damage to the boss. You do NOT want to kill him during this fight, just hurt him enough. As he takes damage the moon will change into a red moon. When that happens, invert the world and go to the ceiling. Slice the moon with Zangetsuto and you will get a cut scene and be able to move on with the game. If you kill the boss you will get a game over. After you destroy the moon, you have to go to the Garden of Silence next.

Blood Moon Location Bloodstained

You might remember that you fought Zangetsu here earlier. Invert the world again and slice the red moon here. This will give you access to the last few areas of the game so you can progress.

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