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Where To Learn New Mutations In The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine

Where To Learn New Mutations In The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine

The Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3 introduces new Mutations for you to find and learn. You are told to look for a Professor who was researching Witcher Mutations. This guide will help you find out Where To Learn New Mutations In The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine!

The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Turn And Face The Strange Quest Guide

I found this right after I did the mission with the Empress and hunted down the murderer. You need to go to The Gran’place way point in order to start the mission for this. When you get there run west towards the Ducal Camerlengo way point on the map. When you enter the area with the fountain a boy will approach and give you a letter. For me it was from Triss but it might be based on who you went with in the original game. You don’t have to tip the boy but it’s only 5 coins so I did. Read the letter and you will start the quest “Turn and Face the Strange”.

Head down the graveyard and you will find the Journal is missing. Follow the footsteps to a dead-end and then you will have to find the location on the map that Triss sent you. Go into your quest items and find it there, look at it and the quest will update. You will need to go to the marker and swim under water to find the entrance. There are a few Drowners around the area so be sure to kill them with your crossbow. The entrance is a portal that you will need to swim through, good luck since the swimming in this game is crap. when you finally get through the doorway you will be in some ruins so you don’t have to worry about how much breath you have when you enter.

First thing I will mention is there is quite a few places to loot in here so be sure to have your Witcher senses going quite often. Second thing is you will need to watch out for traps. Spike Traps are in the way to stop you from progressing and they hurt a lot. To get through them just wait near where they start. When they pop up and then go under, make your run then. There is some loot on some of the spikes but you can collect it on the other side instead of trying in the middle of the spike trap. After the spike traps you will run into the guardians of the Lab. Take them down and keep going forward.

In the next area take the path underneath until you get to a boulder. There is a journal on the ground near here, use the Witcher sense to find it. Jump up the boulder and clear out the next guardian. When the guardian is dead you will come up to a kind of puzzle. There are four stones jutting out from the wall that you need to shoot with your crossbow, Witcher sense can help here as well. In the next room you have to kill a Gargoyle and then use its hand on a pedestal near the big statue in the middle. This will open multiple portals that you need to enter.

Go back to the door you came in at so the directions I give make sense. From the door you came in at, take the left portal, the one the statue is pointing towards. This portal will take you to another room with even more portals. One the second floor there is a portal directly across from you that you cannot access by running around the second floor. Drop down to the first floor and then climb up the rock to access that portal, the statue is again facing the portal. The next portal is on the same floor as you but you will have to jump a small gap to get to it. Look down below to see that statue and where it is facing, that is the portal you want to take on the third floor. This will finally put you into the lab.

Here you can learn about what the professor was trying to do and how he was doing it. Explore the area and then go into the tunnels behind the cells. Here you will have to kill a few centipedes and collect a mutagen in the tunnel. Best way to take the centipedes down it to wait for them to pop up and spit at you, dodge the spit and attack. Grab the mutagen and return to the lab by breaking the cracked wall at the end of the tunnels. Place the mutagen in the machine, take off all your weapons and armor and enter.

This will unlock the Mutation menu and you can start customized Geralt even more. The new Mutations will take Mutagen and Ability points to acquire.

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