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Where To Learn Respect & Polite Emotes In Lost Ark

The Luterran Lord side quest requires you to use two different emotes at King Thirain. This guide on Where To Learn Respect & Polite Emotes In Lost Ark will tell you what you must do in order to learn both of the emotes required as when you first get the quest, you may not have access to the Respect or Polite emotes.

Where To Learn Respect & Polite Emotes In Lost Ark

Where To Learn Respect Emote
While you can get this quest very early, you can’t learn Request for quite some time. You need to follow the main story until you complete the first island and get your boat. You need to reach Castle Vern and complete the quest Ealyn’s Gift. Castle Vern can be found on North Vent, the center island mass on the world map.

Where To Learn Polite Emote
Head to Neria’s Tavern in Luterra Palace. Inside you’ll find Vivian, a barmaid at the tavern. She spends each day dreaming of becoming queen and asks you to investigate what type of woman befits the throne as queen. Follow the quest objectives. To get this quest you need to first speak with Boris in the library. He asks you to bring books to Vivian. Once you’ve completed that quest, you get the next one. Once you complete the next quest, you learn the Polite emote. The quest was available when we visited the tavern. If it’s not available when you first arrive, continue with the story quest and complete all of the side quests in the town. There’s not too many, won’t take very long.

Huge thanks to Fealaar for the additional info.

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