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Where To Plant & What To Do With Seeds In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

You can find seeds scattered throughout the game, but what are they for? In this guide on Where To Plant & What To Do With Seeds In Star Wars Jedi Survivor we break down the basics of the seed and gardening system so you and your green thumb can get to work farming and planting seeds for a few rewards.

Seeds are part of a mini-game style feature in the game where you plant seeds, grow a garden, and unveil new rewards as you progress. You can find Seeds very early in the game. On Koboh specifically, you can find seeds in bushes and plants that are surrounded by green fireflies. Simply destroy the bushes to get the seeds. Although you can find these seeds early, you may not be able to plant them when you first get them because the garden may be locked.

Where To Plant & What To Do With Seeds In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

You need to continue with the main story on Koboh and eventually, after you recruit Zee the droid, you will open up the rest of the cantina. This includes another floor and access to the rooftop garden. Once you’re on the roof you can also enable some shortcuts so you can climb up there more easily from the Mantis Landing Pad. Once you have the rooftop access unlocked you can simply approach any of the vacant plots and begin planting seeds.

If you want to unlock more areas to plant additional seeds, you need to recruit the Gardener.

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