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Where To Recruit More Crew Sailors In Lost Ark

More crew and more boats mean more Dispatch missions can be completed at once. This guide on Where To Recruit More Crew Sailors In Lost Ark will tell you where to find the best and rarest sailors we’ve discovered on our journey through Lost Ark so far.

It’s important to know that unlocking Sailors doesn’t become an option until you have finished the story (at least the first island) and have unlocked your own boat. Once you have your own boat you can find and discover Sailor contracts that, once activated in the inventory, will unlock the sailor to use on your Dispatch missions at your Stronghold.

Where To Recruit More Sailors In Lost Ark

The quickest and easiest method of recruiting new sailors is to check the merchant at your Stronghold. These rotate every 8 or so hours and most of the time, the Trade Merchant will have a contract you can purchase. This is a quick and steady supply of Sailors but they are usually of low rarity and don’t offer many skills.

Below is a list of all the Sailors we’ve found so far exploring the game. These are currently tied to the Rapport system but it’s still very early, only being out for a few days, We’ll continue updating this list of we discover more sailors as we continue through the game.

Crew Sailor NameRarityHow To RecruitSailor Skills
CalsEpicMax Rapport With CalsCals
OrneEpicMax Rapport With OrneOrne
AnabelLegendaryMax Rapport With AnabelAnabel
PoppyRareMax Rapport With PoppyPoppy
JudeRareMax Rapport With JudeJude
BlackfangLegendaryMax Rapport With Black FangBlackfang
MukomokoEpicTrade Mokoko SeedsMukomoko
PoipoiEpicTrade Mokoko SeedsPoipoi
Kind ParuruLegendaryTrade Mokoko SeedsKind Paruparu
ChicachicaNormalTrade Mokoko SeedsChicachica
NarinariLegendaryTrade Mokoko SeedsNarinari
MokamokaNormalComplete Story Quest "Making The Crew Cut" on TortoykMokamoka
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