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Where To Recruit The Best Units In King’s Bounty 2

Where To Recruit The Best Units In King's Bounty 2
Building your own army is one of King’s Bounty II’s most excited features. This guide on Where To Recruit The Best Units In King’s Bounty 2 lists all of the recruiters we’ve discovered and what units they sell. Some are available freely as you travel to different towns and speak with different Recruiters. Others require you to complete a quest before you’re able to recruit the special units.

Below is a list of the different locations as we discovered them, in order as you progress through the game. At each Recruiter, we’ll tell how how to unlock any additional special units as well as the units they have available by default. If you want to know more information about units, check out our King’s Bounty 2 Unit Details Guide.

Recruiter Decim
The first Recruiter you meet at Fort Crucis. He sells Spearman and War Dogs.

Recruiter Mark (Albian Highlands, Woodcutting Camp)
Recruiter Mark will initially stock Wolves. If you complete the Axes & Splinters Quest, you can unlock an additional unit. If you choose to side with the Dwarves you will unlock Dwarven Militiamen. If you choose to side with the Humans, you will unlock Brigands.

Berengarius (Albian Highlands, Mages Tower)
If you complete the Cold Bones quest you can recruit Skeletons and Ghouls

Recruiter Helena (Albian Highlands, Bliss)
You encounter Helena following the main quest. She sells Spearman, Dogs of War, Archers, and Healers.

Recruiter Snip (Crown Lands, Marcella)
Inside the city walls. This Recruiter will sell you Brigands, Raiders, and Wolves. If you complete the The Old Outpost Gang quest and make the choice to speak with Snip, you can recruit Free Archers here.

Recruiter Dexter (Crown Lands, Marcella)
Here you can recruit Spearmen, Dogs of War, Archers, and Swordsman. If you complete The Old Outpost Gang quest and choose to Report Postum to the Head of the Guard, you can recruit Crossbowmen at this recruiter.

Recruiter Kurt (Crown Lands, Marcella)
This is possibly your first opportunity to hire some Finesse units. This Recruiter sells Healers, Wind Spirits, Spirits of Light, and Stone Elementals.

Recruiter Irene (Crown Lands, Marcella)
Another Recruiter in the city of Marcella. She specializes in Anarchy units. You can buy Dark Spirits, Skeletons, Ghouls, Skeleton Archers, Assassin’s, and Dark Adepts

Recruiter Jackard (Crown Lands, West Quarry)
Complete the quest Reasonable Help that you get from the city of Marcella and then speak with Recruit Jackard. He will sell you Clay Golems and Iron Golems

Recruiter Artemio (Crown Lands, Pig Of Life Tavern)
This Recruiter is on the South East side of Marcella, near the aqueduct. He sells Bears, Militiamen, and Heavy Crossbowmen.

Recruiter Fist (Crown Lands, Bludgeon’s Camp)
This Recruiter sells Brigands, Raiders, Wolves, and Eagles. If you give the deed to Bludgeon in the story quest, you will also unlock Free Archers and Mercenaries.

Recruiter Quint (Crown Lands, Troll Village)
This Recruiter is in the village besiege by trolls. You head there for the main quest Refugee Camp. He sells Stoneskin Trolls and Trolls.

Recruiter Valiant (Crown Lands, Graveyard Near Marcellan Aqueduct)
When you make the decision on the Soul Seal, if you side with Valiant and return the crystal, he becomes a Recruiter. He sells Ghouls, Skeletons, Skeleton Archers, Zombies, and Ghosts.

Recruiter Arsene (Crown Lands, North Marshes)
This Recruiter sells Skeleton Archers, Zombies, and Ancient Ghouls.

Recruiter Torif (Crown Lands, North Village)
This Recruiter is in the North area of Crown Lands, at the village in the North center of the map. He sells Housecarls, Militiamen, and Heavy Crossbowman.

Edgar (Crown Lands, Rickville)
This Recruiter sells Wolves, Bears, Eagles, and Gryphons. In the Trappers quest if you choose to take the totem from the wolf, Edgar will sell Ancient Wolves.

Recruiter Evert (Crown Lands, Mages Tower)
This Recruiter sells Swordsmen, Heavy Crossbowmen, Free Archers, and Mercenaries.

Recruiter Olorin (Crown Lands, Mages Tower)
This Recruiter sells Spirits of Light, Wind Spirits, Iron Golems, Stone Elementals, and Sentry Golems

Recruiter Nelberg (Crown Lands, Ancient Crypts)
Nelberg sells Skeleton Archers, Zombies, Ghosts, Ancient Ghouls, and Death Knights

Recruiter Govin (Crown Lands, Windy Port Fair)
This recruiter sells Flamethrowers, Berserkers, Housecarls, and Bear Riders

Recruiter Rhunius (Crown Lands, Guard Camp in Marcella)
This area is unlocked until you reach a point in the story. Once unlocked, the Recruiter here sells Crossbowmen, Knights, Cavalrymen, and Royal Mages

Recruiter Iggur (Crown Lands, Windy Port Fair)
Complete the Troll Mind quest, both outcomes unlock a recruiter. He sells Trolls, Stoneskin Trolls, and Troll Chiefs.

Recruiter Valdemara (Crown Lands, Windy Port Town)
She sells Mercenaries, Gryphons, and Ancient Wolves. Later in the game, during the Through The Quarantine quest, choose the Make a Deal with Damien choice and you can unlock Sentry Golems and Berserkers to recruit here.

Recruiter Yven (Crown Lands, Town South of Eastern Road Fast Travel Point)
This Recruiter sells Stone Elementals, Ice Elementals, Fire Elementals, and Disciples.

Recruiter Alessandro (Crown Lands, Castle Ardenne)
This Recruiter sells Stone, Fire, and Ice Elementals, as well as Gargoyles.

Recruiter Nimic (Crown Lands, North East of Castle Cadence)
This Recruiter sells Death Knights, Ancient Ghouls, and Ghosts. When you complete the nearby quest, Julian & Rosaline, the Death Knights will be upgraded to Rank 3.

Recruiter Noxis (Crown Lands, Floster)
This Recruiter sells Assassins, Dark Adepts, and Dark Spirits.

Recruiter Septim (Crown Lands, Floster)
This recruiter sells Knights, Disciples, Sentry Golems, Cavalrymen, and Royal Mages

Recruiter Buckdor (Crown Lands, Floster)
This Recruiter sells Berserkers, Flamethrowers, Housecarls, and Bear Riders. Complete the Iron Men quest for more supply of Bear Riders.

Recruiter Gislain (Crown Lands, Floster)
This recruiter sells Stoneskin Trolls, Troll Chiefs, and Ancient Wolves

Recruiter Larie (Crown Lands, Witches House, Story)
This recruiter sells Fire & Ice Elementals, Gryphons, and Ancient Wolves. When you complete Lyssa’s Dungeon quest, you can recruit Red Dragon’s from Larie.

Recruiter Gargoyle (Crown Lands, Southern Albian Spurs)
Complete the quest Beauty and the Beasts and select the Finesse option. A Gargoyle recruiter will be available that sells Gargoyles and Chimeras.

Recruiter Francos (Crown Lands, Mouth of Rouen)
Complete the quest A Fatal Voyage to unlock this Recruiter. He sells Bone Dragons, Ancient Ghouls, and Ghosts.

Recruiter Caelestis (Mages’ Tower, after competing “Haven of the Enlightened Ones”)
Complete the quest to recruit Celestial Warriors. Huge thanks to Taras Starychok for the submission.

If we find anymore recruiters, we’ll add them above.

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