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Where To Recruit Workers For Your Base In No Man’s Sky Next

Where To Recruit Workers For Your Base In No Man's Sky Next
Once you begin building a proper base you can recruit people to work there. This guide will tell you Where To Recruit Workers For Your Base In No Man’s Sky Next so you can populate your base, get to farming rare and valuable resources and start exploring the deeper reaches of space.

Once you progress through the story and you begin building special terminals in your base, you will receive missions to recruit people to join your cause. There are 4 different types of specialist you can recruit. There is a Scientist, an Armorer, an Overseer and a Farmer. Below is information for each of the different people you can recruit.

Where To Recruit Workers For Your Base In No Man’s Sky Next

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Where To Recruit Overseer – Construction Terminal
This is usually the first person you are told to recruit. Mining Overseers are Geks, you can typically find one aboard a Space Station populated by Geks. Use your Galaxy Map to check for nearby systems with Gek at the dominant lifeforms. The Gek are the frog-like race.

Where To Recruit Armorer – Weapons Terminal
The Armorer has to be a Vy’keen so you need to travel to a Space Station within Vy’keen territory. The Vy’keen are the warrior race that loosely resemble rhinos.

Where To Recruit Scientist – Science Terminal
The Scientist must be a Kovak, found in systems where Kovak’s are the dominant lifeforms. These are the AI lifeforms with screens in their helmets.

Where To Recruit Farmer – Agricultural Terminal
The final one to recruit, the Farmer, can be a little more difficult, I found all of the rest on the first Space Station for each race that I visited. The Farmer must be a Gek, the frog-like race same as the Overseer. I searched several Gek systems and had no luck. It wasn’t until I explored a new Gek system on the Galaxy Map that I found a farmer.

That’s Where To Recruit Workers For Your Base In No Man’s Sky Next. Any questions, post a comment below.

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