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Where To Redeem Unredeemed Items In No Man’s Sky

Where To Redeem Unredeemed Items In No Man's Sky
For those that pre-ordered one of the packages of No Man’s Sky there’s an exciting selection of goodies that you are able to access once you start the game. Depending on what pre-order package you chose there are different items to redeem, but the method of redemption is exactly the same.

Where To Redeem Unredeemed Items In No Man’s Sky

If you pre-ordered No Man’s Sky you will get a prompt once you begin the game that asks you to redeem your items:

You have unredeemed items, to claim them please press the options button

To redeem your DLC items simply press the pause button (options on PlayStation 4 pad) and then press R1 to scroll to the right until you get to options. From there search the lower right corner to “Redeem Bonus Content”. Hold X to redeem your DLC content.

No Man's Sky Bonus Content Redeem Screen

How To Equip DLC Ship

The wording here can make this a little confusing. When you activate your new ship DLC you need to select the compare option. You can then transfer the goods from your old ship to your new ship before equipping it.

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