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Where To Sell Items In Lost Judgment

The Yakuza games have always used a unique system of selling items, Lost Judgment is no different. In this guide on Where To Sell Items In Lost Judgment we will tell you everything you need to know on how to sell your items, and where you can sell them, as having a lot of money opens a lot of doors.

When you are exploring the different towns in Lost Judgment, you will often find shiny items on the floor. Picking these items up is one of the best ways to earn money in the game. Some are basic materials, others can be expensive items that you can sell to earn yourself some quick money on the side. The same can be said for fighting. While slightly tougher than just finding items around on the floor, defeating enemies can provide a number of expensive items that can be sold. Certain items, such as Paper Plates, and Iron Plates, are pure vendor trash. This means they serve no other purpose than selling to a store for profit.

Where To Sell Items In Lost Judgment

Where To Sell Items
This is the first place you will need to go in order to sell your items, Benten Pawn. Generally, in most Yakuza games, the buying and selling of items works much in the same. All shops can sell you items but you can only sell your items at specific locations. Locations such as Benten Pawn, or any pawn shop really.

Simply visit the shop and head inside. Speak with the shopkeeper and instead of immediately bringing up the interface to buy items, you will be prompted with a decision. Buy or sell. Simply check the sell option and you can navigate through your inventory to sell items.

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